Trump Meter’s purpose is to accurately track the progress of President Donald J. Trump throughout his Presidency, as he tries to implement his policy platform. All of the promises on Trump Meter are taken directly from Trump’s Official Campaign Website.

We picked only specific policies that we could track using status levels. We will update the status of all of these promises by using these 5 levels:

Not Started Yet: This level is for all of the promises that have no indication of being started.
In Progress: This level is for the promises that have new developments, proposals, statements or news that they are in the works.
Compromise: This level is for the promises that have been partly completed, but there are certain aspects of the promises that have not been upheld.
Completed: This level is for the promises that have been upheld either mostly or completely and have been implemented.
Broken: This level is for the promises broken, either by changing of position, inaction, or lack of support to get legislation passed.

This is a forum for everyone to engage in a civil discussion about the policies and issues that President Donald J. Trump will try to implement. We only have a few rules for commenting, if your comment breaks any one of these rules it will be deleted:

1. Threats of Violence
2. No Releasing Personal Information.
3. Spam/Non-Relevant Links and Comments.

Thank you for abiding by these rules and creating a friendly community to discuss the agenda of President Donald J. Trump.