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4 thoughts on “Broken

  1. For one thing folks, IT IS NOT in the Presidents powers to prosecute anyone. He couldn’t do it if he tried. It’s just more Trumpf BS that Republicans won’t fact check, but they’ll re-tweet or re-post the meme endlessly because they want to believe it. Once they’ve all seen it online for months, it then magically becomes a ‘fact’ to Republicans and Trumpf voters.

    We’ve elected pu**y-grabbin, Vietnam draft-dodging, non-taxpayer, who has gone bankrupt 4 times (with casinos, which are legal licenses to steal) and has over 2,000 active civil lawsuits and 192 Federal lawsuits that are pending. These lawsuits and his failure to play ‘above board’ will be his impeachable downfall. The US press, yep, the ‘crooked media’ are angry for being attacked by Trumpf, and they are already pouring over all this multi-national region-of-stank that surrounds Donald Trumpf.


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